10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

October 6, 2017

The leaves have started to turn signalling that autumn is on it’s way and all at PJH are looking forward to the fun of firework night, halloween and Christmas of course.

But the changing of the seasons can bring a few challenges to homeowners and tenants, so now would be a good time to check your home and make preparations before winter really sets in.

Here are the PJH Top 10 Tips to keep you warm and protect your home this winter.

  1. Check your Roof
    Check your roof for broken tiles and get these fixed before the foul weather gets in and causes more trouble and leaks. If you’re uncomfortable on a ladder use a pair of binoculars to observe from the ground and get a professional to carry out repairs.

  2. Clear the gutters
    If your gutters are full of moss and leaves, water can overflow causing damp in the walls or rot wooden facias.
    Arrange to clear your gutters and repair or replace missing or damaged gutters and facias to keep the water flowing away.

  3. Insulate your pipes
    It is not uncommon for external (and internal) pipes to freeze and burst as the temperature drops. A simple and inexpensive solution is to wrap foam ‘lagging’ around the pipe to keep them warm. Lagging can be bought from most DIY stores and slides easily over the pipe, to provide years of protection.

  4. Seal Around Windows and Doors
    Are your windows draughty? Inspect around the edges of your window and door frames. Repair any gaps with silicone sealant to prevent drafts and water ingress.

  5. Turn Off Exterior Taps
    As discussed above, water in pipes can freeze in cold weather, so disconnect garden hoses, isolate external taps at the shut-off valve inside your home and drain the remaining water from the external tap.

  6. Test your Central Heating
    Check your boiler before winter, it is better to find out it doesn’t work now rather than waiting until the temperature drops to -10°C on Christmas Day, when it may be a little more difficult to find a plumber to fix it!

  7. Bleed the Rads
    If your radiators are not heating the room, feel the rad to see if is colder at the top than at the bottom. If it is, there may be air trapped inside that’s stopping the heat from circulating properly. Use a radiator key to release the air, allowing the radiator to run more efficiently.

  8. Improve Insulation
    A great deal of heat in your home is lost through the roof and walls, increasing loft and cavity insulation could keep the house warm and use less energy. Government grants are often available to help subsidise the cost of installation.

  9. Care for Pot Plants
    It’s almost time to take in pot plants and protect shrubs and trees that do not take too kindly to frost. Clear the lawn of tools / toys and put away items that may get blown over / away in strong winds.

  10. Emergency Supplies
    Always keep a supply of emergency rations such as hot chocolate (or you favourite tipple), biscuits, a torch, batteries and matches. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, curl up in front of the fire with hot choccy and biscuits!

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